Degrees and Certifications:

Janet Spiwak

Professional Teaching Experience:
I am an Education Consultant at a charter school in Newark for the past ten years. Prior
to this, I worked in Newark Public School District. My teaching experience includes
teaching Grades 1,3,4,5,7, and 8. I was a Title 1 Basic Skills Teacher, a Literacy Tutor,
and Literacy Coach in Newark Public Schools.
Facilitated professional learning using adult methodologies to support best practices in
Guided Reading and Writing Instruction.
Support classroom teachers in building content knowledge and understanding their role
in the implementation process.
Implement and coordinate an I&RS committee designed to meet the needs of struggling
Maintain accurate records and files for instructional and non-instructional staff.
Facilitate grade level meetings, parent conferences, and faculty meetings.
Developed and provided professional development opportunities that address the needs
of the instructional program and the needs of the staff.