Elections 2024

    • Eyad Asmar 

    • Adrienne Austin 

    • Linda Buonauro  

    • Oral Bullen 

    • Casandra Estrada 

    • Kenya Greene 

    • Hilda Nuesi

    • Anthony Pereira

    • Janet Spiwak

2024 Board Election Procedures

  • 2024 Board Election 
    • Board of Trustees open seats will be advertised on the school's website and in the Record this week.  
    • All interested candidates must submit their intentions in writing to boardelections@classicalacademy.org by May 17, 2024, by 5:00 pm. This includes current BOT members.
    • On May 20, 2024, all BOT candidate's names will be posted on the school website and shared via email to parents.
    • At the May 28th Board Meeting candidates will have the opportunity to speak to the public as to Why do you want to run BOT & why do they think they are qualified? In addition, they can provide any other information they would like to share with families. All information shared will need to be provided in writing 48 hours before the 5/28/24 meeting and will be posted on the school website and mailed so all parents/families can view it. 
    • The Board Secretary will also present these procedures at the May BOT Meeting.
    • CACS families will receive a letter via mail and email indicating the candidates' names and the bios shared along with the procedures for voting. All bios will also be posted on the website as indicated.
    • Parents will vote via ballot by May 31, 2024, by 3:00 pm via a locked ballot mailbox. There will be two options: a hard copy ballot provided in the main office and an online version via a secured link. Both ballots will require parents to indicate their child's name and grade level and will be verified via NJSMART / Realtime enrollment data. 
    • Candidates will be advised by email of the Election results no later than June 14, 2024 and at the Regular June Board Meeting the Board of Trustee members will be announced publicly. 
    • The new Board members will be sworn in at the Organization Meeting on Tuesday, June 25, 2024.
    If you have any questions, please email us at  boardelections@classicalacademy.org .