• For information on Current and Missing Homework assignments, you should refer to your specific Latin Google Classroom Page and look for the "Grades" section.

    From there, you will be able to see what you are Missing OR have a "Zero" for.


    Nōta Benē (Note Well)!

    You are still responsible for EVERY CLASS YOU MISS! That means, if you are absent from class, you MUST enter the Nearpod Link for that day's lesson and complete every part of the lesson for Homework! This is not because I love burdening you all with work (I don't), but because everything we do in class each day is vitally important to everything we do every day afterwards.

    One missed lesson can have lasting effects on your grade in my class beyond just a "Zero" for one assignment (difficulty on the Quiz/Test, a harder time understanding the next lesson, an even harder time on the next Quiz/Test).