What is Mental Health

Posted by Eric Wolf on 3/1/2021 2:00:00 PM

Mentall Health can be a broad term that can sound scary and overwhelming at times. Here are a couple of things that Mental Health can look like:


- Being aware of, and properly handling, your emotions

Knowing your emotions and being able to effectively handle them leads to an overall greater mindset. Knowing your emotions will allow you to respond to them and utilize them effectively.


- Seeking Therapy

Therapy can provide help with many different things such as mental illnesses (such as depression or anxiety), an outlet for expression, anger management, and much more! Some people go to therapy because it helps them rationalize the world around them, while others go because it makes them feel good and keeps them on track.


- Doing things you love!

A huge part of mental health is finding time to do something you enjoy. This can be painting, reading a book, playing a game, or even just going out for a walk (when it gets warmer). Finding time to do the things you love ensures that your brain isn't working all the time and that you are getting the breaks you need.


- Relaxing your mind

Relaxing your mind gives you a chance to step back and remove yourself from the difficulty of a job or homework. Some common techniques to relax your mind include yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques.


There are many more things that encompass mental health and it is extremely important to take time each day and ask yourself if you are doing enough to keep your mind healthy.