Bullying in a Pandemic

Posted by Eric Wolf on 12/11/2020 12:00:00 PM

Welcome to the first Social Work Blog Post. I will be posting on Fridays of each month detailing Social and Emotional Learning, Bullying, Mental Health, and more!


Bullying in a Pandemic:


Bullying is something that is common amongst all schools across the world. one out of every five students reports being bullied and nearly half of those who reported being bullied think that it will happen again.


While direct contact has decreased significantly this year, bullying has not. With the increasing advancement of technology, and many schools, such as our own, moving to a virtual environment, Cyberbullying has increased.


Cyber Bullying can range from teasing someone online, to posting mean or false things about that person.


Know the signs of cyber bullying:

- See if your child seems more withdrawn lately, or is not involved in social media as much as they once were.

- They suddenly don't want you to see what they are doing online.

- They seem nervous when receiving a text message or other notification.


What you can do:

- Start by talking to your child. You can open the conversation by describing a bullying incident that happened to you as a child, or an example of cyberbullying that you heard about on the news.

- Reach out to your child’s guidance counselor or principal. Every school should have anti-cyberbullying policies and protocols to help.

- Discuss ways your child can respond to the bullying. While we cannot always prevent bullying and the actions of others, we can control our reactions to it. Many bullies do not like someone who will stand up for themselves.