Science Teaching 2021-22

  • Unless overruled by new policies related to COVID-19 resurgences, science classes for the 2021-22 school year will be organized in a more conventional fashion. Most classwork will be completed and submitted on paper rather than through Google Classroom. (Classroom will, however, be used as a launch point for accessing some online resources.) Students will be assigned to groups, which will sit together at tables or desk clusters rather than social distancing.


    Students should have a notebook (of any type) and a pocket folder for science materials. In addition, they should bring all the tools that they use in their math classes (pencils, calculator, ruler, etc.) to their science class. Scientists always take notes in pencil because pencil writing is less vulnerable to damage from spilled chemicals (or just plain water) than ink. Science students should also have some form of coloring tools (colored pencils, crayons, etc.) in addition to their regular pencils.